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Change Gmail “name”

Do you have “suchandsuchandsuch” as the name that shows up in quotes next to your Gmail address?  Are you using your first and last name but worry about this showing up online wherever you send an email? Change it!

There are two obvious ways:


1)  Log in to Gmail/Google mail.

2)  At the upper right of your browser, click your email address to reveal a drop-down list.

3)  Click Account  Settings. The Google accounts screen opens, with subheadings Profile, Personal Settings, and *My  Products down below.

4)  Under the Profile subheading, click Edit your personal info. The Edit personal information screen appears.

5)  Using the “First name” and “Last name” fields, change the name associated with the Gmail account (the purpose of the “nickname” field is unclear. You don’t have to use your full name; however, the “Last name: ” field requires at least one alpha character. It doesn’t have to be your full name, and better that it not be, for security purposes.)

*NOTE: Under the My Products subheading you will see icons for the various Google apps – Analytics, Book Search, Docs, etc. If you need global access to these apps, here is one way to find that.


The other way is simply to repeat steps 1) – 3) but navigate to the Edit Personal information screen via Personal Settings, instead – that’s the section just to the right of the Profile subheading on the Google Accounts page). You will see the list “Security, Dashboard, and Email addresses, Multiple sign-in, and Connected accounts.”

1)  Under Personal Settings < Email addresses  click “Edit.” The very same Edit personal information screen appears.

2)  Edit the information in the name fields to change the name associated with your Gmail account.

– dgw


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View Full Header of an Email Message

Email Headers contain all the information about where an email has been; how many computers it has been routed through; and more.

This information is easy to access but not often (cybersecurity outfits will use it along w/ other methods to track down spam and spammers). We can use email Header info to see if something like a web proxy or IP distorter is used, or just to see if the IP address listed matches that of it’s purported sender.

Google Mail (Gmail):

1) Open the email you want to examine.

2) Click the “down arrow” next to the “Reply” hyperlink
Note: There is no down arrow w/Gmail using Mac OS X and Safari 3.0.4.).
"Show Original"

3) Select “Show Original.” A new window opens with the full header as plain text.
Other Web-based Email Providers:

Yahoo! Mail: select “View Full Headers”, or “View Headers.”

Windows Live Hotmail (this does not work w/ Safari or Mac OS…): 

Select “View Source”.  A window opens displaying the full header as well as the HTML source of the email message.


Desktop Email Clients:

Typically the option for viewing the full email header w/ desktop email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird are found in their drop-down menus.


– d.g.w.





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