Dunn Gardens up for grabs [Excerpt from a Christmas-time email]

Mom I’d give you this for Christmas if you were in Seattle:


A “historic treasure in the city of Seattle” can be sold on Amazon dot com? By clicking all that the market-coded link goop? (Meaning all that non semantic url in the link beginning with a very irreverent “Seattle/boop” (/seattle/B006P16O3U?).

"/Boo6P... ."


A visual tour of historic Seattle flora – for sale en masse to the ENTIRE WORLD.  A weirdly irreverent, but real last minute Christmas ad offer. Desperation? It is crazy what we can “sell” over the Internet, is it not. The Web has become a parallel economy, truly, but way more audacious than our material one!

The next step is to auction off Dunn Gardens off through eBay to raise city tax revenue…(Re: Space Toilets…)


Speaking of excerpts, The gargantuan WordPress Codex tells how to properly excerpt via your WordPress theme. Visit http://codex.wordpress.org/Excerpt/



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